Cargo & Vehicle Inspection System(Betatron)

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BGV5000 cargo & vehicle inspection system adopts a Betatron and a new solid detector. It uses dual-energy X-rays and advanced algorithms to realize the perspective scanning imaging and contraband identification of cargo vehicle. With two available modes of fact scanning  & precise scanning, this system is widely used in inspection of contraband & stowaway at borders, prisons and highway green access.

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BGV5000 cargo & vehicle inspection system adopts radiation perspective scanning imaging technology, which can perform real-time online radiation scanning on various trucks and vans to form a perspective inspection image of the vehicle. Through the transformation and analysis of the inspection images, the safety inspection of various trucks can be realized. The system is mainly composed of an accelerator system and ground rail device. When the system is in operation, the inspected vehicle is stationary, the inspection system runs on the track at a constant speed to scan the inspected vehicle, and the signal acquisition and transmission module returns the scanned image of the detector to the image inspection platform in real-time. The system can be widely used in customs anti-smuggling, prison entry and exit inspections, border inspections, logistics parks, and other types of trucks and box trucks for transportation inspections of contraband. It can also be used for security inspections of cargo vehicles at major events, important places, and large gatherings.

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    • Modular design is adopted, so that the system can be transferred by road, railway or waterway transportation after simple disassembly. The equipment reciprocates on the ground track, and scans the cargo of the whole vehicle (including the cab) without opening the box. Imaging inspection.
    • Image processing functions: A, zoom in/out; B, edge enhancement; C, filter smoothing; D, contrast adjustment; E, histogram equalization; F, linear transformation; G, logarithmic transformation; H, suspect mark and comment ; I, mirror image conversion; J, multi-image comparison; K, image format conversion (JPEG, TIFF); L pseudo-color conversion.
    • Substance recognition function: It can distinguish organic and inorganic substances, and use different colors to identify them (scanning speed: 0.4m/s).
    • Suspect mark function (add, select, delete, rectangle, text).
    • Image comparison function.
    • Data management function.
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