Passenger Vehicle Inspection System

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BGV3000 passenger vehicle inspection system adopts radiant transmission scanning imaging technology to perform real-time online scanning imaging inspection of various passenger vehicles. This system is widely used in customs, ports, transportation and jail.

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BGV3000 passenger vehicle inspection system adopts radiation fluoroscopy scanning imaging technology, which can perform real-time online scanning and imaging inspection of various passenger vehicles. The system is mainly composed of a ray source system, detector system, gantry structure and radiation protection device, vehicle transportation system, power distribution and control system, safety monitoring system, vehicle imaging inspection system workstation and software. The ray source is installed on the top of the inspection channel, and the detector is installed on the bottom of the inspection channel. During inspection operation, the inspection system is fixed, the inspected vehicle is transported through the inspection channel at a constant speed through the conveying device, the radiation source is irradiated from the top of the inspected vehicle, the detector array received signal, then a scanned image will present on image inspection platform in real-time.

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    • The passenger vehicle inspection system adopts nuclear radiation imaging technology to perform ray fluoroscopy scanning of the vehicle, and reliably obtain high-resolution clear fluoroscopy images of the inspected vehicle.
    • The image is clear, high resolution, and high contrast, which can distinguish between vehicles. The vehicle itself (such as fuel tanks, pillars, etc.) and vehicle-mounted objects can see the dangerous goods contained in the vehicle, such as weapons, explosives, etc., and there is no observable blind spot, which can fully cover the entire vehicle.
    • The system deployment takes into account the convenience of on-site use. An operation console is set at the entrance of the vehicle. The front-end guide personnel is responsible for starting the inspection process after the vehicle is ready, and can observe the entire inspection process throughout the process. Once an abnormality in the inspection is found, the inspection process can be stopped immediately. After completing the interpretation of the vehicle imaging image, the rear-end vehicle image interpreter can communicate with the front-end guide through the console and can give the interpretation result through the corresponding warning signal.
    • Advanced image acquisition and processing system. For the perspective image of the vehicle being inspected, image processing algorithms suitable for vehicle inspection are used to develop a variety of image processing functions, such as partial magnification, grayscale transformation, edge enhancement, etc., to provide rich image processing functions to facilitate the security personnel to perform image processing recognition.
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