Hand-held Radioisotope Identification Device

Brief Description:

BG3910 hand-held radioisotope identification device is a kind of high-end portable energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) that integrating ray detection, automatic energy spectrum analysis and automatic radioisotope identification. With the scintillation crystal detector of high sensitivity and low-noise photomultiplier, the device has extremely high detection efficiency. The application of a digital multichannel analyzer and 32-bit microprocessor improves the performance of the device, reduces the interference of environmental change on the device, and provides a more flexible and convenient user operation. The device can distinguish the variety and radiation intensity of radionuclides quickly and accurately.

Product Detail

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With the functions of searching, detection and alarm, the device can be extensively applied in environmental protection, customs, security check, metallurgy, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, etc. as an ideal detection method for environmental radiation detection, nuclear anti-terrorism security check, cleaning of radiation sources and other nuclear technical application areas.

Feature Highlight

  • Built-in lithium battery, working for over 8 h after being fully charged
  • Able to recognize multiple nuclides, such as natural nuclides, industrial nuclides, medical nuclides, special nuclear material

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