Hand-held Explosives/ Narcotics Detector

Brief Description:

BGNE2000 is a narcotics and explosives detection device independently designed and manufactured by CGN Begood. Based on the principle of ion mobility spectrometry, it can accurately detect trace amounts of particles, vapor explosives/ narcotics, and give the ingredient names.

Product Detail

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The detector is small and light, portable for carrying. With the advantages of low false alarm rate, low power consumption, easy to use and maintain, user-friendly, environmentally friendly, produces fast and unambiguous results.

Due to the superior technical features and specifications, the detector is widely used for dangerous goods detection in airports, ports, customs checkpoints, border crossings, and densely populated places.

Feature Highlight

  • Hand-held operation: small size, lightweight, easy to carry, can be applied to many occasions
  • Precise detection: Using ion mobility spectrometry technology, this detector can not only accurately identify components of dangerous goods, but also report their names
  • Trace amount analysis: extremely high sensitivity, detection limit reaches pg level
  • Synchronous dual-mode: simultaneous detection of explosives and drugs, without manual operating, this detector can detect explosives and drugs at the same time and alarm accordingly

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