Desktop Narcotics and Explosives Detector

Brief Description:

BGNE1000 is a desktop detector that can be used for explosives and narcotics detection. It uses advanced ion mobility spectroscopy technology, which has the characteristics of fast detection, high sensitivity, low rate of misreporting, simple operation, easy maintenance, strong environment adaptability, etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

It can be applied to the inspection of dangerous goods in subways, airports, ports, border crossings, and crowd gathering places, and the rapid identification of suspicious components on related sites.

Feature Highlight

  • Accurate detection: it can accurately identify the types of components of dangerous goods, and can report the names of the dangerous goods
  • Trace detection: it’s convenient to operate. In actual work, there is no need to align the dangerous items in the package, just wipe the tested package with a test paper or point the suction probe at the surface of the package to detect whether the dangerous goods are carried or not
  • Dual-tube dual-mode: simultaneous detection of explosives and narcotics, one instrument can simultaneously detect explosives and narcotics and alarm
  • Top speed analysis: it can complete detection and analysis time within 10s

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