Hand-held Raman Spectrometer

Brief Description:

BGR2000 handheld Raman spectrometer identification device adopts the Raman spectral analysis technology, and can quickly detect and accurately identify all kinds of chemical warfare agents, drugs and easy system drugs, explosives and other dangerous chemicals, jewelry, jade and other items through collecting “fingerprint spectrum” of the substances. The spectrometer can analyze the substance in question quickly and provide an immediate, reliable result within a few seconds. In addition, this device also has a spectrum upgrade function. Users can push the spectrum upgrade through a wired or wireless network, or through the self-learning function, add a comprehensive spectrum library without a network to maintain the updated ability.

Product Detail

Product Tags

The spectrometer is widely used in environmental protection departments, customs, immigration, airports, terminals, medical and health departments, security supervision departments, inspection and quarantine, drug inspection departments, etc.

Feature Highlight

  • This instrument can quickly and accurately analyze samples in different states, either liquid or solid, and it can give the specific name and spectrum of the tested substance
  • It has a variety of measurement modes, and users can choose either fast test mode or precise test mode for quick and accurate identification of substances according to different work conditions
  • Provides various databases for different application industries, such as drugs, toxic materials, explosives, jewelry, endangered organisms
  • The spectrometer has a self-learning function, users can add and update the spectral database according to specific requirements
  • It has a photo forensics function, which can take photos of the tested samples and store them in conjunction with the test results for subsequent queries and traceability

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