Radiation Portal Monitor for Pedestrian Channel

Brief Description:

BG3400 radiation portal monitor for pedestrian channels is a set of radioactive automatic monitoring systems with large volume and high sensitivity gamma-ray detectors. It can be used to implement online real-time detection for pedestrians and carry-on baggage through the detection channel, find traces of the radioactive materials, output the alarm information, and complete storage of test data. At the same time, the system can also be networked with the higher-level management system, which constitutes a remote real-time detection system platform.

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The monitor can be used in staff imports and exports channels of various places to detect whether pedestrians and carry-on baggage contain radioactive materials.

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    • Unique radiation background discrimination algorithm, by continuously detecting environmental background radiation fluctuations and automatically adjusting the reference point, eliminates the interference caused by the background radiation changes on the measurement, and solves the problem of the impact of environmental radiation background fluctuations on the sensitivity of the detection system
    • The monitor adopts 2 groups of plastic scintillation or 2 groups of NaI scintillation crystal detector modules, and each group of detector crystals is equipped with double photomultiplier tubes to jointly process signals, which can greatly reduce interference and increase detection efficiency by 30%
    • The monitor uses infrared detectors to detect pedestrians passing by, which can effectively distinguish the system in background update mode and detection mode
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